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Agrima Agarwal
3 min readJan 23, 2020

Are you conscious of what you are wearing? Is it out of style? Does it not suite your body type? Or are you too shy to show your body part? These are a few questions one ask to herself while styling. I too ask them to myself.

This write up is for those who are not confident while styling themselves. Well, I am not a Fashion student, nor am I a fashion blogger, so this write up may not be relevant for some of you, but it talks about a few things which worked in my favour.

Styling is an important part of one’s personality, as they say,”First impression is the last impression”.

There are three parameters which are important before you style yourself. The first and the foremost thing is to know your body and skin. If you know these two, half the battle is won. Second thing is to know your foot well, because loose, extra tight, extra high, flat footwear’s give your body a bulging and uncomfortable look taking it away from your outfit. And the third and the most important part is self confidence.If you accept your body, your colour and your foot, you’re ready to go!

Now coming to the details, first advice I would give is, whatever you wear should fit in the three categories mentioned in the previous paragraph. Do not go with what is trending if it does not fit the three categories, because every trending this is not made keeping you in picture. At the same time, you are totally getting it wrong if you thing that you are not fashionable not wearing what is trending. You are just being well aware of what suits you are and avoiding yourself from looking tacky.

Other thing is to repeat the same genre of outfit for multiple occasions. My personal experience says, not to hesitate while repeating the same genre of outfit. For example, for a wedding, you can choose to wear a lehengas for all the three functions, mehendi, sangeet and main ceremony knowing that nothing suits you better. On the other hand, you can give variations by choosing different family of colours (for instance, green for mehendi, blue for sangeet and wine for wedding). You can also style dupatta in three different ways or skip dupatta for one of the occasions giving it an Indo western touch.

Being aware of the alternatives can be useful while styling. For example, on a vacation, you can choose to wear a Kaaftaan one piece dress instead of a bikini or short pants. Or while travelling, you can replace a shrug with a ponchu. These minute things can make you stand out.

Choose the right colours. Wearing the right colours will not only make you stand out, but will also make your outfit a masterpiece. Don’t be afraid of wearing something mediocre, cause the colour will do it all. Just keep in mind to wear something which doesn’t sting and wear according to the occasion.

Coming to the footwear, choosing a right footwear is a must. One should know if their foot is a flat foot or a normal one, if it needs a rough soul or a sponge. Replace pencil heels with the block heels, sneakers with sport shoes and peep toes with sandals if you know you cannot handle them.Because at the end, no matter how good your outfit is, if you are uncomfortable in your footwear, it reflects on your face.

Last but not the least is accessorising. Accessorise for the final look.Minimalistic accessories are always a big Yes! For example, wearing a right pair of earrings can add a perfect classy look to your less detailed western outfit, or wearing a bindi can add a tint of innocence to complete your traditional look.

And last and the most important thing is Confidence. Be confident of what you are wearing. Carry a smile with your outfit for the final look.

I hope this write up helped you, be clear about your style. Do share your reviews.

Happy Styling!!



Agrima Agarwal

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