Are you worth it?

Agrima Agarwal
3 min readMar 15, 2020


This write up is for those who are going through a heart break or have ever been through the same.

We are all a little broken from inside.

And if you are in this situation, there is one person on your mind 24*7. This person is your weakness. You can cancel all your plans for the day just to have a fifteen minute meet with this person. You are waiting for their text every minute, every second. This person is taking way too long to reply but not matter how indulged you are into something, your eye is just waiting to see that message notification on your phone. Well, that person is surely important to you. But is that person going through the same? Nah!

My flatmate recently had a break up and she is having a hard time coping up. She has lost her sleep, her hunger for food and mostly hunger to enjoy her life. Can someone mean more than ones zeal to live and enjoy life to the fullest? Why do you give some people so much importance that they start taking you for granted?

Are you worthy of the pain you are going through?

Life goes through ups and downs and some people are a part and a parcel of life. Most of you must have experienced betrayal from the closest of your friends. But is that the end of your life? I agree, you cannot ignore or let go someone just in the blink of eye, specially the ones who once mattered to you the most. But you need to understand, that some people come in our lives to teach us, how important we are to ourselves. You are not worth the pain you are going through.

Instead, they are not worth the presence in your life. They will come back if they value you.

Certain friendships and relationships need time for the people to realise their worth. Break ups and betrayals are heart breaking, but this is only the one side of coin. The other side of the coin is the one you often neglect to look at. It is not that bad to have a break up because it gives you time to explore yourself, time for new friendships to flourish and old ones to be cherished.

As they say, ‘New begins are often disguised as painful endings’.

This one’s to every person, who is in pain,

Smile because you matter, you are important, you are loved and your presence makes a difference to someone’s life.

Stop making excuses for those who hurt you, who made you loose your self respect, criticised you of things you did for love, who moved away when you needed them the most and failed to stay in your life inspite of the efforts you did to make them stay.

You are not worth the pain you are going through.

Grief is temporary. You deserve better!



Agrima Agarwal

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