Believe Everyday

Agrima Agarwal
3 min readApr 27, 2020

Are you stuck between two roads in your life? Are you afraid to look ahead into future? Have you been pondering onto something for a very long time? Do you regret on something which couldn’t go as planned due to certain unexpected circumstance?

Believe today, everyday, and this too shall pass!

Who doesn’t encounter all these emotions in life! Everyone does. Right? Well, just in case you still feel that someone doesn’t, probably hasn’t taken any risk or a major decision in his/ her life. So my dear friend, be happy cause you are brave enough to have taken a risk and challenged your capabilities.

I recently read the story of Nirbhaya Case lawyer and realised how difficult it was for her, to become a lawyer having being born in a small village among narrow minded people. Was it her fault having been born as a girl child? Of course not! But her struggle started when she was five and it continued till she became a successful lawyer. Not only that, she knew that taking up a case like Nirbhaya was a big challenge, but she did, and won it getting justice. With so many hurdles in her life from the very early age of growing up, she believed and did every bit for people to remember her name. Well, Thank You Seema Kushwaha for being such an inspiration for all of us!

It is never a wrong idea to want something for yourself. The only thing which comes along is the struggle and your zeal to work hard to get what you desire for. The journey is never easy, but trust me, the fruit tastes even better when you get it after the multiple falls. As they say, the grass is always greener on the other side. No matter, how beautiful the story might look from outside, but the real battles are fought to take it to where they are today.

Your determination, your beliefs and your hard work will make you write your own story. Never ever stop believing in yourself, what come may. Emotional breaks and hardships are the part and parcel of life. Your downfalls should give you courage to get up and fight back for your desires rather than serving as the road blockers to your story.

Certain road blockers are not in our control. Taking an example of the current COVID19 situation, economy is crashing and we cannot predict how the future will be like and what are the road blocks we will encounter going ahead. Can we do anything about it? No! But the good part is, with the accessibility of internet, we can definitely give time to study something which might help us, taking a step closer to our goals. Time is precious and we are lucky enough to get it for ourselves amidst the chaos going on in the society.

Think of everyday as a new chance to explore your inner abilities, hidden talents instead of finding someone to blame for all the bad things happening in life.

Mark Twain, a famous writer once said, “Give everyday a chance to become the most beautiful day of your life.” So what are you waiting for? Get up from your bed, brace yourself up and do it! Your fight is with yourself. Fight your fears, your hurdles.

Redefine today!



Agrima Agarwal

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