Handle it with Grace

Agrima Agarwal
3 min readJan 18, 2020

Everyone goes through ups and downs in their life, and moving ahead without looking back shows the Never Give Up spirit of the person. There are mental, emotional and sometimes even the physical breakdown, but all of this teach one a lesson. Lesson, to be strong, lesson, to handle it with grace.

This write up is about one of my breakdowns which helped me explore myself as a whole new person. It is an incident of somewhere mid 2018, when I had a terrible accident where I ended up fracturing two bones in my leg. And just for your information, that was my second fracture in a row.

You must be wondering that it is something quite common and what is there to brag about, but I earlier used to be a chirpy little girl, having fear of almost everything, pampered by her parents since childhood. And as my personality was, I got worried and scared. It was Saturday night and raining heavily, my friends got me to my apartment due to the unavailability of the doctors.

Next day, Sunday morning, we came across a doctor and requested him to examine me even though it was a weekend. Kind enough, the doctor was of a great help, and gave me a raw plaster till my swelling goes off and suggested me bed rest for two months. That very day, my mother flew from our hometown and took me back home for a few days.

Fresher as I was, fear of loosing my new job was always there on my mind, which bought me back to my mundane life. This is where life started taking a turn. Handling it without my mother in this city almost seem impossible, but I had no other option. From taking bath early in the morning, going to office, climbing stairs, walking straight to crossing the road, everything was a struggle. Weekends felt like house arrest.

But as time passed, as there was nothing I could do about it, I started giving time to my hobbies. I used to paint, read, cook and sometimes even dance on a single foot. For real, also have some videos recorded for the same.

Later did I know I would inspire so many people in office just by doing nothing, but just by being regular to office and by being positive of the critical situation I was in. I didn’t realise that eager and wait of getting my plaster cut was no longer mine but everyone who I used to work with.

Last day when I was going to get my plaster cut, a female guard, who used to help me cross the road, tied a black thread on my foot saying it will protect me from black eye. I don’t know how true are these superstitious things, but I was so mesmerised by this act of her’s, that I still wear that thread on my foot.

I must say, that, that period of struggle taught me what Tom Stoppard once said, ‘No problem is insoluble, given a big enough plastic bag’.

I hope my story gives you a new ray of hope. Share your thoughts with me at aggarwalagrima@gmail.com.



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