Lower your Expectations

Agrima Agarwal
3 min readMay 5, 2020

William Shakespeare once said, “Expectations is the root of all heartache.”

I cannot agree more to what he said because I believe, sometimes high expectations and things not happening as expected, deeply hurts and saddens a person from inside. Some people might not agree with me and debate saying that high expectations lead to higher goals. I will not contradict, but rephrase it — Higher the expectations, harder you put efforts to make it come true and the rest is fate.

Taking an example of my friend, who worked very hard, not once, not twice, but thrice to get into A Grade college to pursue higher studies. During his first attempt itself, he was able to get into one of the good colleges with the minimal guidance. But his zeal to get into the best college, made him give the exam once again, but this time, with full guidance. Failing to get into the best college once again, did not break him, but made him give the same exam for the one last time. But something which he never wanted to happen, happened. He again ended up being in the same college, which he could have easily got with the scores during his first attempt. Sometimes, you never know what’s ahead of you, specially in the fast pace era we have now reached at. So it always better to learn from your failures and accept whatever life gives you.

Your present should not only tell you what your future should be like, but it should also tell you, how it should be like in case things do not go as planned. This will make you be well prepared of all the alternatives of the situation. You will be prepared with the back up plans and circumstances coming ahead.

Sometimes, expecting more takes you away from the life and challenges, that you might have to see in case of failures. You start living in a world of your own. It takes control of every situation, from career to success, lifestyles to relationships. Etc.

Expectation is the root cause of broken friendships and relationships. Every person has a different perspective, not only towards certain things, but also towards bond they share with you, which you cannot change. It is always better to bring a change within, rather than expecting other person to change for you. Relationship is not a one person thread, it will survive if the efforts are made from both the ends. At the end, what matters is whether you did your part or not.

It is always better to be surprised than to be disheartened and playing a self blame game on what should/ could have been. Do your best part without any hopes and life will provide you with sweet fruits. Your efforts never go waste, they teach you a lesson to make you a better human.



Agrima Agarwal

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