Suicide: Solution or a Problem?

Agrima Agarwal
3 min readJun 14, 2020

With COVID’19 situation at peak, staying home has become a mandate and a lot of suicide cases have come into picture. On one hand, where some of us are privileged to have our families staying with us, on the other, for some people, it has become a cause of loneliness.

There are a lot of depression and anxiety cases which have taken a form of suicide and self harm in past. It is something worth pondering onto since the cases have only increased. Thinking about the mental state of a person to take such an extreme step, certain thoughts come to my mind. Was there no one, with whom the person could share his sorrows? Was he so stressed that he found no other better solution than to end his life? Was there no force which could stop him from doing this?

Are we lacking somewhere, in making our closed ones feel that we are there for them? How long will we keep on hearing those echos of loosing someone after they are gone?

When will there be a death of virus called Suicide?

To be able to express their sorrows the person really need to know that there are several others who are there to hear without questions and judgements, amidst all the chaos. And for this, you at your part can do a bit. How? By making person know their worth in your life. By listening, understanding and empathising with the person. By keeping a regular check if you know that your friend is going through a rough patch. By being a shoulder to them, what come may. Not everyone is comfortable in sharing their deepest darkest secrets with you until YOU develop that space between you two.

They say mental health is important. But I believe that it’s the mental strength which derives mental health. A person is mentally strong only if he has someone by his side, who he can go to when all other doors are closed. For me, it is my best friend. Every time when I feel low, helpless, stressed, depressed, confused and lonely, I talk to her and I feel better. I might not get the solution to my problems, but I get a different perspective to think and look at things, which is enough to lead me to the right direction.

Nothing is more sorrowful than someone loosing their willingness to live life. We are blessed to have got life. There are several helpless souls who are killed even before they take birth, several, who are born with disabilities and many who struggle in the hospitals and on the streets fighting everyday their battle against life. They are the one’s fighting to see a new day in life. If they are not loosing hope, why are you loosing it being in a good state of health?

Enduring and learning comes with every phase of life. Life is a blessing, make it count. You were born to set an example for everyone. Stand up, just the way lotus blooms even amidst the murkiest water.

This is just a bad phase, not a bad life. If you are reading this and if you are going through something which you cannot talk openly about, I am here for you, to listen and to guide you. Open up!

Suicide is definitely not a solution.



Agrima Agarwal

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