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Do you travel quite often? Does your job demands a lot of travel? Are you stuck between work and family residing in two different cities? Are you a marketing guy who is stuck between multiple flights? Are you in a profession where you require a lot of promotional travel? This blog is just for you!

I work for a firm which is in a city, away from where my family resides, which is a sole reason why I keep on travelling and ending up taking a lot of flights. It is not an easy task. One day of travel and no matter how familiar you are with the lifestyle of the city, it takes a whole week to get back to the normal schedule. And as we start adjusting to it, Voila! There comes time to take another flight.

Well, only if we could do anything about it. Right? So here are a few travel hacks that I have started following over some time, which has helped me making my trips less hectic and more efficient. I hope, they are of some help for you too..

Tip 1: Schedule your trips well in advance.

Firstly, it is very economical and you can save a lot of money as the flight ticket prices are dynamic depending on their demands. Specially during the festive season, the flight ticket prices are at peak.

Also, when you are aware of your travel plans well in advance, your can set goals of the month accordingly and your trip will not have a major impact on your week’s schedule. For example, you can schedule your important meetings before or after the trip depending on the work’s complexity making your travel tension free.

Tip 2: Apply discount coupons.

Do not fail to avail special discounts like corporate discounts or student discounts. You should be well aware of weekdays, your bank provides discounts on flight bookings using their debit and credit cards. Also, you should keep yourself aware of all the flight booking websites providing discounts on round or a one way trips. Practicing this again, is very economical as you can save money.

Tip 3: Book your seat well in advance.

This is completely optional depending on you (no need to do this if you are carrying a check-in luggage, but it is advised if you are not carrying one). Doing this, not only will you get your preferred choice of seat, but it will also help you fast track your check in process.

Tip 4: Prior Check-in / Self Check-in

Online check-in is a big YES! But if you fail to do so, there is an option of self check-in at the airports and the process is very quick. This will help you save a lot of time as you can easily avoid standing in a long queue. You can directly drop your check in luggage at the counter, get the security check done and enjoy the comfort of luxury lounge till the on boarding starts. Isn’t that the best part about the airports these days?

Tip 5: Travel light and keep your vanity kit handy.

This is one of the most important things while taking a flight. Analyse the duration of the trip and pack accordingly. For example if you are travelling for two days, there is no need to carry a check in luggage along, instead carry a small size bag which can carry all the mandatory stuff and can be taken inside the cabin. This will work in your favour because, check-in process at the airports is quite tedious and time consuming.

Your vanity kit contains all the essential things like towel, moisturiser, lip balm.etc. Keeping this handy and separate will help you reduce the effort in packing and unpacking.

Tip 6: Keep the change handy in case of Excess Luggage

There is an option of adding excessive luggage in case you need to carry more than the upper limit mentioned in flight’s norms. In such cases, it is a good practice to add and pay the charges there and then. But in worst of cases, if this is something you are not prepared of while booking your tickets, make sure to carry the desired change in case you plan to pay the amount in cash. Be aware of the prices per excess kilograms. This will help in smooth check-in process.

Tip 7: Carry your neck support and a shrug or jacket no matter what the temperature outside is.

Carrying a neck support will always help you avoid getting into medical situations like cervical pain. As good it is to have it along, but this is a completely optional choice.

Mostly, the temperature inside flight is cold. Also, there may be the cases of gate change, where the flight takes off from. There are chances, you are asked to take a bus or walk to certain distance to catch your flight. Carrying a shrug or a jacket will also be a plus point while you travel to manage the temperature uncertainties.

Tip 8: Be well aware of do’s and don’s.

You should be well aware of the items you are allowed to take in your check-in and cabin luggage. Make sure you do not carry any of the flammable or sharp items in your bags. Your laptops, chargers, power banks, palm tops should be inserted only in your cabin bags. Visit your airline’s website to know of the prohibited items on the flight. This will help you in a smooth check-in process. Nor will you help yourself, but others too.

Tip 9: Schedule your trip to the airport prior to the flight.

It is always favourable to schedule your cab/ car pool before your trip. This will ensure that you are on time even during the odd flight hours when it is not easy to find a cab. It is always good to avoid last minute delays as they sometimes cost you a high risk.

Tip 10: Always take a time gap and be well aware of the flight delays.

Be well aware of the timings of the gate closure. It is always recommended to have a fifteen minute time gap to what is the expected time of arrival at the airport. You never know, how much time it may take for you to enter the airport. There are days when you are late inspite of being on time due to the amount of people on that particular day.

Also, be well aware of the status of the flight, check it before leaving for the airport, so you are well prepared of the consequence and reschedule your departure accordingly (if required). Because, nothing worse than waiting for hours at the airport knowing your flight is delayed. Status not updated is obviously a case of exception though.

Tip 11: Keep your Id proofs and tickets handy.

This is a very important thing to follow while travelling. As the first step at the airport is to show your original Id proofs having your photo id. Doing this, will help you avoid getting lost in your own bag at the last moment.

There is no need to carry the print out of the ticket, but make sure you have it open on your mobile phone when you reach at the airport. This holds true only if you are taking a domestic flight. It is always advised to carry the printout of your ticket and itinerary of the trip and your passport if you are travelling international.

Tip 12: Have a proper sleep before travel.

This will help you being awake and well aware of your surroundings while you take a flight. Also, flights are quite compact in space, not allowing one to have a peaceful sleep. Doing this will keep you away from fatigue and be productive after your travel.

Tip 13: Eat something (light) before travelling.

Though all the flights provide a meal service, be in Domestic or International, free or payable. Do not fully depend on the flight food as there are high chances, you may end up not liking it. Also, eating something light and healthy and skipping oily will always work in your favour.

Tip 14: Wear a mask if you are sick or have mild cold and cough and self declare your medical conditions (if any).

Though it is always advised to reschedule your travel plans while you are sick, but for the times that’s not possible, it is always a positive approach to wear a mask to avoid unwanted infection to reach you or from being spread.

Also, you should be well aware of all your medical health situations that may cause you problem taking an air transport facility. Such conditions, if exist should always be self declared so that the necessary precautions can be taken before hand.

Tip 15: Wear something comfortable to the airport.

In the rut of fashion, do not forget of wearing something comfortable while you are travelling. This applies specially to the footwear. This is important because one has to walk a lot in the process from checking in the airport to boarding the flight.

I hope these tips help you prepare yourself better before your travel. Do share your views and have a safe flight! :)



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